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Amplifier Components

E&I now provides various auxiliary components to be used in conjunction with our RF power amplifiers. Our broadband power indicators enable you to measure the RF level of signal sources in the 10 KHz – 200 MHz range; providing simultaneous forward & reflected power measurement.

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Power Indicators

Power Indicators

E&I's new line of power indicators enable the measurement of forward and reflected power in one instrument - allowing you to quickly and accurately determine how much power is being delivered to your load. Measuring RMS power to an accuracy of ± 3% over the entire frequency range, these portable units are self-contained with easy to read LCD displays.

Our line of power indicators range in different power levels and frequency ranges to meet your specific requirements.
  • Broadband power measurement
  • Simultaneous forward and reflected power measurement
  • Low insertion loss
RF Cables

Amplifier Cables


E&I now offers RF cable connectors - available in lengths of 3 feet or 6 feet;

  • BNC to BNC
  • Type N to Type N
  • BNC to Type N
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