Locked-On Switchable Impedance Transformers for:
  • Ultrasonics
  • Transducers
  • Laboratory Use
E&I LO-Z Locked-On series switchable impedance matching transformers are useful for ultrasonic, transducer, and laboratory applications. The LO-Z series enables one to match the 50 ohm impedance to drive impedances of 100, 50, 25, 12 and 6 ohms. Allowing for maximum power transfer with manual select tap settings, the Locked-On series represents E&I’s commitment to providing RF products of the highest quality, durability, and ruggedness.

Accessory Products

Unit of Measure


Start Frequency

N/A 500 kHz

Stop Frequency

N/A 5 MHz

Maximum Power Input Capability

N/A 1000 W

Input Impedance

N/A 50 Ω

Output Impedance

N/A 6 Ω12 Ω25 Ω50 Ω100 Ω



AC Power Requirements

N/A 100 to 240 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz


N/A 15.75 x 11.8 x 5.9 in400 x 300 x 150 mm

Optional Features

N/A Hot Switchable LCD Display

Form Factor


N/A 15.75 in400 mm


N/A 11.8 in300 mm


N/A 5.9 in150 mm