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    E&I designs and manufactures a wide range of Broadband RF Amplifiers, covering the frequency spectrum from 10 KHz – 1 GHz and available in power levels up to 2000 Watts. Our amplifiers provide a rugged source of RF power and unconditional RF stability. We offer both Class A and Class AB amplifiers and also specialize in custom designs.

  • Phased Array Systems

    E&I has developed various phased array systems for custom applications, from as few as 2 channels, up to 61 channels. We have incorporated gain control within the individual channels of the systems, by developing circuitry that allowed us to vary the output power of each channel with minimal change in the phase.

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    E&I provides cost effective solutions to impedance matching with its line of Matching and Switchable Transformers, specifically designed for ultrasonic, transducer, and laboratory applications. Our JT-series provides impedance transformations from 3.1 – 200 ohms, while our Locked-On series enables you to drive higher or lower impedances through multiple tap settings.

  • Power Indicators

    E&I now provides various auxiliary components to be used in conjunction with our RF power amplifiers. Our broadband power indicators enable you to measure the RF level of signal sources in the 10 KHz – 200 MHz range; providing simultaneous forward & reflected power measurement.

  • amplifier module

    E&I brings its legendary RF expertise to its new line of modules, pallets, and subsystems. In addition to offering custom OEM solutions, our new line features power levels from 40 – 400 Watts and broadband frequency coverage from 10 KHz – 35 MHz.

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