Power Indicator Featuring:
  • Broadband Power Measurement
  • Simultaneous Measurement
    • Forward & Reflected Power
  • Low insertion loss
  • 50 Watts
  • 1 - 150 MHz
Unit of Measure


Start Frequency

N/A 1 MHz

Stop Frequency

N/A 150 MHz

Rated Power Output

N/A 50 W

Input Impedance / VSWR

N/A 50 Ω / 1.25:1 maximum

Output Impedance / VSWR

N/A 50 Ω / 1.25:1 maximum


N/A 130 x 150 x 250 mm

Form Factor


N/A 130 mm


N/A 150 mm


N/A 250 mm

Detailed Description

Detailed Description

N/A The PI-150 RF power indicator is used to measure the RF level of signal sources in the 1 - 150 MHz range. This portable unit is self-contained with an easy to read LCD display, no tuning or any other form of adjustment is required.

The PI-150 displays and measures forward and reflected power, enabling you to quickly and accurately determine the power delivered to the load in your system. The characteristic impedance of the instrument is 50 ohms. The PI-150 operates up to power levels of 50 Watts.