Power Indicator Featuring:
  • Simultaneous Measurement
    • Forward & Reflected Power
  • Low insertion loss
  • 10 KHz - 2 MHz
  • 2000 Watt Capacity
Unit of Measure


Start Frequency

N/A 10 kHz

Stop Frequency

N/A 2 MHz

Rated Power Output

N/A 2000 W

Input Impedance / VSWR

N/A 50 Ω / 1.25:1 maximum

Output Impedance / VSWR

N/A 50 Ω / 1.25:1 maximum


N/A 130 x 150 x 250 mm

Form Factor


N/A 130 mm


N/A 150 mm


N/A 250 mm

Detailed Description

Detailed Description

N/A The PI-2 RF power indicator is used to measure the RF level of signal sources in the 10 KHz to 2 MHz range. Measuring RMS power to an accuracy of ± 3% over the entire frequency range, this portable unit is self-contained with an easy to read LCD display.

The PI-2 measures forward and reflected power enabling you to accurately determine the power delivered to the load in your system. The PI-2 operates over the entire frequency range of 10 KHz - 12 MHz and up to power levels of 2000 watts.