The 10AB24 is a broadband solid state amplifier system, featuring 24 channels and providing 10 Watts/channel. It's a quasi linear Class AB design, covering the frequency spectrum from 500 KHz to 3 MHz, the 10AB24 is rated at 10 Watts of RF power per channel.
Unit of Measure

Primary Performance Characteristics

# Channels

N/A 24

Rated Power

N/A 10 Watts

Start Frequency

N/A 500 kHz

Stop Frequency

N/A 3 MHz

Power Gain

N/A 39 dB

Class of Operation



Gain Flatness

N/A +- 1.5 dB dB

Input Power for Rated Pout

N/A 1 mW

Input Impedance / VSWR

N/A 50 ohms 1.5:1

Output Impedance / VSWR

N/A 50 ohms 1.25:1