Introducing E&I's first highly efficient S-series RF power amplifier with sample ports. The 1000S04 produces 1000 Watts of power over a frequency range of 20 to 400 KHz, with a nominal power gain of 60 dB.
Unit of Measure

Primary Performance Characteristics

Start Frequency

N/A 20 kHz

Stop Frequency

N/A 0.4 MHz

Rated Power (P1dB)

N/A 1000 W

Power Gain

N/A 60 dB

Gain Flatness

N/A +/- 1 dB

Harmonic Level

N/A -40 dBc

Class of Operation

N/A Class D

Form Factor


N/A 14 lb6.35 kg


N/A 3.5 in88.9 mm


N/A 19 in482.6 mm


N/A 22.5 in571.5 mm