The 1240L Amplifier is a rugged source of RF power for ultrasonics, induction heating and laser modulation as well as plasma applications. It is a totally solid state solution employing RF DMoS FETs in the power amplification stages, offering simultaneous forward and reverse power readouts. The 1240L produces over 2000 Watts of quasi linear Class AB power over the entire frequency range from 20 KHz - 1 MHz, with a nominal power gain of 58 dB.


  • 2000 Watts RF Power
  • 20 KHz - 1 MHz
  • Class AB Performance
  • VSWR Power Measurements
  • Forced Air Cooling
  • Solid State Reliability
Unit of Measure

Primary Performance Characteristics

Start Frequency

N/A 20 kHz

Stop Frequency

N/A 1 MHz

Rated Power (P1dB)

N/A 2000 W

Power Gain

N/A 58 dB

Gain Flatness

N/A ±1.5 dB

Harmonic Level

N/A Not Specified

Class of Operation

N/A Class AB


AC Input

N/A 200 to 240 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz
Max current 30 amps


N/A Type N

Operating Temperature

N/A 0 to 40 ºC


N/A Forced Air Cooling

Front Panel Display

N/A Indicates forward and reflected power

Front Panel Accuracy

N/A ±3% of rated power

Form Factor


N/A 190.0 lb88.4 kg


N/A 24.75 in628.6 mm


N/A 20.00 in508.0 mm


N/A 16.5 in419.0 mm